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(Psalms 9:1-11, 34, 66, 100, 107, 118, 138. Good but not compulsory everyday) 

1.Father I thank you for sparing my life and making me to witness this great year 2016.

2.Father I thank you for divine healings and divine health over the past years.

3.Father I thank you for divine provision and protection over the past years.

4.Father I thank you for every blessing and favour I have received form you so far.

5.Father I thank you for counting me worthy of this great revival and changes that is about to happen.

6.Father I thank you for your church Paradise of God that you have been keeping/upholding.

7.Father I thank you for every various deliverance of all sort you have done in my life. Psalm 91:3

8.Daddy please empower me and the church for the assignment you have for us in Jesus mighty name. Acts 1:8

9.Daddy kindly bestow upon me and the church the grace to carry out this assignment without wavering or fainting. Isaiah 40 vs. 31

10. Father, grant me the ability to wait totally upon you henceforth and to do things in your own way Prov 3 vs. 5-6.

11.From now on, my spiritual mind be sensitive to the dictate of Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

12. Daddy please activate my spiritual antenna to always operate at the expected frequencies in Jesus name.

13.My lord, please remove and prevent any spiritual insulators (sin), that have or may want to hinder my prayers this year in Jesus name. Isaiah 59 vs. 1-2.

14.Power to be dead to sin and alive to righteousness, fall upon me now in Jesus name. Rom 6 vs. 11.

15.Daddy, please immunize me against any discouragement and failure in this my Christian race in Jesus name. Rom 8 vs. 34-39.

16.Empower me lord with the grace to do your perfect will effortlessly.

17.Daddy this year please grants me your speed in all that I do in Jesus mighty name.

18.Father, please make me signs and wonders to my world this year and beyond in Jesus name. Isaiah 8 vs. 18.

19.Daddy please show up yourself in all my endeavors henceforth, working little and reaping big.

20. Daddy give me more thirst for you, your word and the holy spirit more than ever before in Jesus name. Ps 42 vs. 1

21.Father I pray that henceforth, may I never be satisfied with my relationship with you, always wanting more of you in Jesus name.

22.Daddy please empower me and your church for the great exploit as you have promised. Dan 11 vs. 32b

23.Our lord and God, remember your church Paradise of God for good this year in Jesus name. Isaiah 49 vs. 15

24.Daddy we ask that you will continually add to your church daily such as should be saved in Jesus name. Acts 2 vs. 47

25.Father please make every member of Paradise of God fruitful and productive in Jesus name. Gen 1 vs. 28

26.Daddy please continuously and divinely guide the leadership of Paradise of God. 1 Tim 2 vs. 1-3

27. Father please bestow upon the pastor the ability to always ask and wait upon you before taking any step or decision as may be necessary.

28.Daddy please fortify me and the church Paradise of God against any attack of the enemies in Jesus mighty name. Isaiah 54 vs. 17

29.Father please renders impotent any weapon fashioned against me and Paradise of God in Jesus name. Isaiah 54 vs. 17

30.Our lord and God, please advertise/show case me and your church Paradise of God beyond our wildest imagination in Jesus name. Daddy place keep permanently opened, doors you have opened for us. Rev 3 vs. 8.

31.Father please protect all our blessings from evil attackers in Jesus triumphant name.

32.Daddy we decree that any arrow fired at me or any abiding member of Paradise of God to backfire at least seven times in Jesus name.

33.My God from now on I refuse to seek help from any other place anymore, please help me Ps 121 vs. 1-2

34.Daddy please makes me and your church flame of fire that we will be too hot for the devil to handle.

35.Father please give me the grace to release all that I have for your use on your demand.

36.Daddy by your power I refuse to surrender to Satan and his followers ever again in Jesus name.

37.Merciful God, please crown all my effort and that of your church with unbelievable/undeniable harvest this year and henceforth in Jesus mighty name.

38.Father I decree from now on, no more bareness/fruitlessness of any kind in Jesus name. Deut 7 vs. 14.

39.Loving daddy please protect me and your church from every wolves in sheep’s clothing. 2 Cor 11 vs. 13-15.

40.Anointing for all round success fall on me now in Jesus name.

41.Daddy please grant unto us in Paradise of God our befitting place of worship sooner than expected in Jesus triumphant name.

42.Daddy please make Paradise of God the spiritual citadel and Mount Zion of Nigeria in particular, and the whole world in general.

43.Daddy please when the fruit begins to materialize, I shall not be found wanting in Jesus name. 2 Tim 2 vs. 6.

44.You can add your own prayers.

45.Begin to thank God for the answered Prayers in Jesus name..

This page will be constantly updated throughout the fasting period. God Bless you!


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