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2016 Prophecies, by Pastor E. Adeboye



– Some families will trace the beginning of their generational blessings to this year.

– some will receive help from unexpected sources.

– grateful hearts will have more causes to be grateful

– for many, the pendulum of life in generally on the upward swing now, a chosen few will receive blessings so large they can hardly contain.



– Things are likely to get tougher, before they get better, but things will definitely get better before the year ends.

– what he started last year, he will finish this year, provided we don’t rejoice too soon.



Natural disasters, floods, fires, earthquakes, are likely to get progressively worse, until governments realize that this are part of divine judgement against those who have unholy laws. If governments will repent of disdaining christ and his church, he will help them win the fight against terrorism.

– a major war will be averted this year

– a new sexually transmitted disease will surface


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